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The Teacher & The School Girl

keep their love a secret

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Welcome to ariaxezra, a community dedicated to the sweet, secretive and scandelous pairing of Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz from the television and book series "Pretty Little Liars". The community is open to pretty much everything that has to do with them including fanart, fanfiction, icons, picspams, and news about where the relationship is going in upcoming episodes. We welcome everything :]
All fics/fanworks must be placed behind a cut. Headers should be as follows- Title: Rating: Spoilers: Disclaimer: Notes (if needed): Please tag fanworks with the respective category and rating tag. We welcome fics of all ratings and content, just as long as it's rated properly. We dont have a set scale for what qualifies as PG, PG-13, R or NC-17 so please just use your best judgement. If the post is a graphics post, please have no more then 3-4 teasers out of the cut. )
If you have any questions or would like to affiliate with us, please feel free to page-a-mod (page-a-mod post can be found under the respective tag). AFFILIATES: prettyliars_tv ; daily_aria ; liars20in20 ; littleliarstv ; fitzmontgomery ; liars20in20 ; prettyliarsland ; hanna_lucas ; ilovelucyhale ; toby_jenna
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Feel free to pimp&promote us!